InterMET Asia 2022

InterMET Asia 2022, now in its 7th successful year, combines a specialised exhibition, a conference strongly focused on applications across a range of key activities, and a forum that brings together equipment manufacturers and service providers with the WMO, the national meteorological and hydrological services (NMHS) and key organisations such as National Environment Agencies and the World Bank. InterMET Asia targets key decision-makers from weather-affected public and private sector enterprises; from related academic and research communities; and from international development agencies.

Other Events
European Geosciences Union General Assembly 2022
Vienna, Austria
May 23 - 27, 2022
European Meteorological Society Annual Meeting 2022
Bonn, Germany
September 4 - 9, 2022
2022 Meteorological Technology World Expo
Paris, France
October 11 - 13, 2022