Air Quality

A large range of Scintec products supports the analysis and prediction of the flow and dispersion of pollutants.

Pollutant Flow

All Scintec wind profilers are used to measure the flow of atmospheric constituants with the mean wind. For modelling the pollutant transport from sources near the ground and short trajectories, sodar wind profilers are often selected. If coverage of the whole boundary layer is required, as it is the case with longer trajectories, radar wind profilers are applied alone or in combination with sodars to also cover altitudes below 100 m.

Turbulent Disperson

All Scintec wind profilers have a vertical beam and hence can measure the variance of the vertical wind. This allows the quantification of the vertical spread of a pollutant. The vertical profile of the dispersion characteristics is evaluated in context with the vertical profile of the mean wind for a better prediction of the altitude-dependent pollutant flow. RASS temperature profilers are used in combination with sodar and radar wind profilers to better model atmospheric stability and predict flow and dispersion.

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Surface Layer Stability

Scintillometers can be used to measure the turbulent state of the atmospheric surface layer. Stability parameters such as the Obukhov length can be derived and applied in dispersion models. Both, large aperture scintillometers and laser scintillometers are feasible instruments depending on the spatial scale looked at.

Optical Fence

The crosswind measurement capability of a scintillometers can be used to measure the transport of a species perpendicular to a line or a vertical surface. Such lines or surfaces can be the border of an area, for example. The term "optical fence" has been created. Scintillometers can also measure the pollutant flow upward or downward a valley. Scintillometers have advantages especially when it comes to low wind speeds over a large area where other instruments fail or their required number and location would cause an unreasonable installation effort.

AWAIRE Air Quality

AWAIRE Air Quality addresses all your pollutant transport modelling and prediction needs in a single intelligent solution.

Featured Products
AWAIRE® Air Quality

AWAIRE® Air Quality is a hardware, software and service package which provides a complete solution for monitoring and forecasting the dispersion of pollutants in industrial areas and their surroundings. AWAIRE® AQ receives all inventory data, applies wind and temperature profilers and uses surface meteorological sensors to continuously measure all relevant atmospheric boundary layer parameters. All data is filtered, processed and ingested in a pollutant dispersion model, supported by an atmospheric forecast model. AWAIRE® AQ can also be also used to simulate scenarios. The results are shown in a web based interface.

Flat Array Sodar XFAS

XFAS is a long-range acoustic Wind Profiler optimized for the measurement of wind and turbulence up to boundary layer height.

Radar Wind Profiler LAP®3000 - Standard Antenna

This is the standard model for reliable and continuous wind measurements with proven performance.