Forest Fire
Forest Fires - An Increasing Threat

Changes in climate and land use make forest fires an increasing threat of life in many areas of the globe.

In a forest fire event, geographcially close and accurate measurements of wind speed and direction in the atmospheric boundary layer can drastically improve the anticipation of fire development and spread. This correct anticipation makes a big difference in forest-fire combat success.

Models Support Measurements

In particular, Scintec FAS Series sodars are used in the combat of forest fires. Smaller, portable sodar models are moved to and set up near an affected area. They measure the wind profile exactly when and where needed. Some single units are also used in campaigns for research purposes.

Larger sodar models or radar wind profilers are installed as part of permanent networks. Numerical models for mesoscale analysis and nowcast allow the prediction of the fire behavior if fed with current and reliable wind data.

Forest fighters have a dangerous job. Their and all joint efforts contribute to a greener and safer world.

The forest fire burns even tree like sandalwood.
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Featured Products
Flat Array Sodar MFAS

MFAS is a versatile acoustic Wind Profiler which combines the both advantages of an excellent portability and a high detection range.

Flat Array Sodar SFAS

SFAS is a high-performance acoustic Wind Profiler with a compact and lightweight design, which provides the highest spatial resolution among the FAS series.

Radar Wind Profiler LAP®3000 - Standard Antenna

This is the standard model for reliable and continuous wind measurements with proven performance.