Severe Weather

Every year, thousands of lives are lost and billions of US Dollars of economic damages are caused by severe weather events all over the globe.

Tropical Storms

Hurricanes and typhoons are tropical storms or cyclones, which are physically linked to the sea surface temperature. Due to global warming, there is a long-term temperature increase of ocean waters. Hence tropical storms are becoming more frequent and more severe.

You cannot forever escape from the storm; you must learn to stand up to it.
Mehmet Murat Ildan

Besides their disastrous wind speeds, it is the difficulty to predict the development and trajectories of cyclones which is a particular challenge. Radar wind profilers have proven to be valuable tools to improve the forecast of tropical storms. The radar wind profilers are installed along the shores and the data is used by nowcasting meteorologists or fed into numerical prediction models. When meteorologists monitor the wind velocities at different heighs they know that winds often increase at altitudes first before they accelerate near the ground.

The Midlatitudes

Also, cyclonic pressure systems over the midlatitude oceans or local storms in rural areas have intensified over the recent decades and led to increasing damages. Networks of radar wind profilers improve the predictions and allow better responses to severe weather on all scales. Radar wind profiler data directly support meteorologists in their decision making or are used with numerical forecast models.

Radar Wind Profilers

Radar wind profilers use the only technology suited for severe weather assessment as they can reach the required larger altitudes, can penetrate clouds and operate in precipitation conditions.

Featured Products
Radar Wind Profiler LAP®3000 - Large Antenna

The larger antenna aperture of this model provides the highest performance and clutter resilience that the most critical applications demand.

Radar Wind Profiler LAP®3000 - Standard Antenna

This is the standard model for reliable and continuous wind measurements with proven performance.

Radar Wind Profiler LAP®8000

This model operates on a lower radio frequency and achieves the highest measurement range.