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AWAIRE® Intelligent Solutions

AWAIRE® Intelligent Solutions put the users’ perspectives first in line. A suite of products is being developed to help decision makers in their daily work. AWAIRE® Air Quality and AWAIRE® Aviation are already available. AWAIRE® Water Management is next in line.

All AWAIRE® Products center around a software. The software interfaces with the users via comprehensive and intuitive information screens. These screens enable them to understand a particular environment and make the best possible decisions with no effort and in a short time.

AWAIRE® uses algorithms and artificial intelligence to enhance the abilities of the users in their tasks to provide for more safety, efficiency, and quality of life.

AWAIRE® is based on Scintec hardware products and integrates various other sensors. A selection of different options allows perfect matches to the particular requirements.

AWAIRE® Aviation

AWAIRE Aviation is a hardware, software and service package which is designed to provide the most complete, accurate and reliable information about upper winds and temperatures and to bring this to airport controllers, managers, meteorologists and pilots. AWAIRE Aviation uses a variety of the most advanced sensing technologies to continuously measure all relevant wind, temperature and turbulence parameters in the area of the departure and climb paths with high distance resolution, precisely and in near real-time. This includes wind speed and direction relative to the airplane as well as both, turbulence (EDR), vertical wind shear and density altitude.

Information Provided
Wind Shear
Wind Analysis
Key Features
Decision making tool for all wind and temperature related airport operations
Wind and wind shear alerts
Turbulence alerts
Inversion temperature and density alerts
Integration of Multiple sensors data (e.g. acoustic wind profiler, radar wind profiler and RASS)
Synergistic evaluation of multiple sensor and technologies for enhanced information content and reliability
Decision-supporting visualization of current and historic data
Fits all airports and weather conditions
AWAIRE® Air Quality

AWAIRE® Air Quality is a hardware, software and service package which provides a complete solution for monitoring and forecasting the dispersion of pollutants in industrial areas and their surroundings. AWAIRE® AQ receives all inventory data, applies wind and temperature profilers and uses surface meteorological sensors to continuously measure all relevant atmospheric boundary layer parameters. All data is filtered, processed and ingested in a pollutant dispersion model, supported by an atmospheric forecast model. AWAIRE® AQ can also be also used to simulate scenarios. The results are shown in a web based interface.

Information Provided
Pollutant Dispersion Plume
Scenario Simulation
Key Features
Easy selection of emissions sources, pollutant types and execution schedules
Capability to integrate data from multiple sources
Integrated data quality control
Graphs with pollutant concentration after dispersion for real or synthetic data
Tables with pollutant concentration at predefined locations
Configurable alarm for excess of concentration thresholds
Search for historical data
Export data from the database
On-site or cloud-based installation