Wind, Temperature, Turbulence
One Integrated Solution
Increased Safety, Efficiency, Comfort
AWAIRE® Aviation

The wind and temperature conditions at and above an airport significantly affect the safety and efficiency of departure and landing operations. With continuous and accurate knowledge and understanding of the current wind field, turbulence characteristics and temperature profile, airplane movements can be optimized to significantly reduce the number of delays, enhance the total throughput capacity, increase the safety and improve the comfort of passengers.

AWAIRE® is a new hardware, software and service package, which provides the most complete, accurate and reliable information about upper winds and temperature profiles to bring this to airport controllers, managers, meteorologists and pilots. AWAIRE® uses a variety of the most advanced sensing technologies to continuously measure all relevant wind, turbulence parameters and temperature in the area of the departure and climb paths, precisely and in near real-time. This includes wind speed and direction relative to the airplane as well as both, turbulence (EDR), and vertical wind shear, inversion temperature and density altitude.

AWAIRE®, however, is much more than just measurement and display. Multi-dimensional algorithms combine the output data of the various sensors and measurement technologies, evaluating them synergistically. This significantly increases the reliability of the generated decision supporting information and configurable alerts. Also, AWAIRE® generates a database which can be used for better analytics and prognostics of the meteorological parameters.

AWAIRE® comprehensively displays all information in an intuitively and easily understandable visualization with configurable tools for decision making during approach and departure procedures. Past occurrences can be tracked. Airports with multiple runways are fully supported.

Scintec, the technology specialist in this sector, provides all software, sensors and services. This makes the information output of AWAIRE® very reliable and the acquisition, installation and maintenance of AWAIRE® surprisingly economical.

Information Provided
Wind Shear
Wind Analysis
Key Features
Decision making tool for all wind and temperature related airport operations
Wind and wind shear alerts
Turbulence alerts
Inversion temperature and density alerts
Integration of Multiple sensors data (e.g. acoustic wind profiler, radar wind profiler and RASS)
Synergistic evaluation of multiple sensor and technologies for enhanced information content and reliability
Decision-supporting visualization of current and historic data
Fits all airports and weather conditions
Key Benefits
Less flight delays
Less flight cancellations
Enhanced transportation capacity
Increased safety
Improved passenger comfort
Comparisons - AWAIRE® vs. Conventional Systems

Unlike conventional systems, AWAIRE® combines the data of multiple remote sensing instruments and performs a synergistic evaluation using algorithms. In this way, the provided set of information is more extensive, accurate and reliable in any weather condition.

Name and Elements Contained
Information Provided
Elements Contained
AWAIRE® Software and Services
Radar Wind Profiler
Sodar Wind Profiler
Radioacoustic Sounding System (RASS)
Information Provided
Head wind
Tail wind
Vertical wind shear
Turbulence (EDR)
Temperature profile
Temperature difference to standard atmosphere
Effective density altitude at ground
For other hardware configurations or integration with preexisting hardware, please consult.
Description of Options

AWAIRE® is able to receive and display surface wind and LLWAS data from existing airport infrastructure.

All AWAIRE® information can be exported in XML, CSV or JSON formats.