February 8, 2019
Scintec establishes new branch for airport wind shear sensing products

Safety in aviation has advanced as never before. Knowing that, air traffic control and pilots are still facing the challenge of mastering unusual meteorological conditions during departure and landing, wind shear being the major concern. Today, innovative measurement equipment is the most prominent candidate to detect and predict wind shear from the ground and to give appropriate warnings when needed. Coinciding weather conditions such as precipitation, clouds and fog, however, often inhibit the use of current remote sensing technology. Scintec's new research activities are devoted to overcoming the weather-related limitations and maintaining the level of safety in all environments. Not only the sensors and systems need to withstand the weather conditions, the measurement technology itself needs to be modified to operate under the conditions of weather-related impairment. New products utilizing innovative technology will bridge the gap and make departure and landing as predictable as they should be.

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