RS485 Converter Set

This set of RS485 Converters permits to extend the length of the data cable between a SFAS, MFAS or XFAS system and the user PC. With RS485 Converters the cable length may be extended to 100 m (typical) up to 1200 m (maximum). One converter is connected directly to the Sodar Processing Unit. It is powered by the Sodar Processing Unit. The other converter is connected to the user PC and powered by a power supply. The data cable is not included in this set and needs to be ordered separately.

This Accessory includes: - RS485 Converter SPU

- RS485 Converter PC

- Power Supply for RS485 Converter PC

RS485 Cable, 100-500 m

This extension cable (100-500 m) can be used in conjunction with the RS485 Converter Set. (The wood cable reel is not included in this product)