windRASS Extension

The Scintec windRASS Extension upgrades the Sodar models SFAS or MFAS to work in radio-acoustic mode for precise measurements of both wind and temperature. This differs from conventional RASS where radio-acoustic sounding is used for temperature measurements only. It is also the first wind and temperature profiler that works anywhere and anytime, being completely insensitive to ground clutter, noise and weather conditions.

With windRASS, acoustic and electro-magnetic beams are emitted in vertical and tilted directions. The electromagnetic waves are backscattered at the acoustic waves and a Doppler analysis is performed. Wind and temperature are derived via their influence on the speed of sound. windRASS is immune to ground clutter and ambient noise, making it a perfect solution for urban or industrial environments. Since windRASS does not depend on the existence of atmospheric turbulence, it operates at full performance in the marine boundary layer (coastal sites), foggy conditions or calm nights, each characterized by low turbulence levels. In addition, windRASS is not compromised by precipitation.

The Extended-Sweep Inversion technique (ESI) used in the Scintec windRASS Extension significantly increases the signal-to-noise ratio and allows for measurement ranges far wider than those of traditional RASS systems. The windRASS is operated using APRun with a flexible configurability, extensive graphical display and output options, robust quality control features, various statistical analysis tools and reliable remote access support.

robust wind measurement in both precipitation and turbulence-free atmospheres
immune to ground clutter and noise
maximum range up to 600 / 800 m (with SFAS / MFAS)
vertical resolution down to 5 / 10 m (with SFAS / MFAS)
Extended-Sweep Inversion technology for maximum data availability
easy installation
fully-automated self-test
remote access

Data output
Wind speed and direction (RASS mode)
Standard deviations of wind components (RASS mode)
Standard deviation of wind directions (sigma phi, sigma theta) and stability class for air quality applications (RASS mode)
Wind shear for airport applications (RASS mode)
Temperature and virtual temperature
Inversion identifier
Data quality (RASS mode)
Basic Specifications
Radio antenna
dual-bar slot antenna
easy disassembly for transport
Radio frequency
1290 MHz, 915 MHz
other frequencies on request
Vertical resolution
5 / 10 with SFAS / MFAS
depending on Sodar model
Minimum range
40 m
depending on settings, environment and atmosphere
Maximum range
600 / 800 with SFAS / MFAS
depending on settings, environment and atmosphere
Averaging time
1 to 60 min
user defined
Accuracy of horizontal wind speed
0.3 to 0.5 m/s
depending on mode, average over varying conditions
0.2 °C
virtual temperature
Measurement range
-50 °C to +60 °C
Operating temperature
-35 to +50 °C (-30 to +120 °F)
Power requirement DC operation
+14 VDC, 7A, 98 W
depending on mode
Power requirement AC line operation
104 to 132 VAC, 160 W; or 207 to 264 VAC, 160 W
120V model or 230V model
Power Supply RASS RAE1/RAE2/windRASS

For operation of a RASS RAE1, RAE2 or windRASS Extension with AC power.

Isolating DC Power Adapter Type R, 10-28 VDC; for RAE1 and windRASS

This power adapter allows for DC operation of RASS RAE1 or windRASS.

RASS Interface Upgrade for SFAS

This upgrade permits to later install a RASS Interface into an existing SFAS Signal Processing Unit that was originally produced without RASS Interface.

RASS Interface Upgrade for MFAS

This upgrade permits to later install a RASS Interface into an existing MFAS Signal Processing Unit that was originally produced without RASS Interface.

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