October 15, 2013
New LAP Series Radar Wind Profilers at Meteorological Technology World Expo in Brussels

The LAP®3000 is the most successful Radar Wind Profiler ever built with more installations worldwide than any other system of its kind. On the Meteorological Technology World Expo, in Brussels, Scintec presents this product in a fundamentally upgraded design keeping its features, performance, reliability and serviceability far ahead of competition.

Core of the new series is the Digital IF Processor SIRP which offers characteristics not found in wind profiler signal processing before. This includes a combination of Advanced Coherent Noise Suppression ACNS, vertical signal oversampling, 16 chip binary pulse coding, true Gaussian matched filters, and freely programmable height gates. The SIRP interfaces to the computer using USB 3.0 supporting highest data transmission rates. The SIRP is Scintec's proprietary design and ensures long-term availability in case of future extensions or services.
LAP®3000 - Unique Features
- Patch Array Antenna without moving parts to ensure long-term reliability and avoid safety hazards

- True vertical beam to accurately measure vertical wind and turbulence and to identify precipitation
- Beams pointing parallel to the earth coordinate system North-South and East-West consistent with meteorological definitions of u and v
- Virtually immediate switching between opposite beams to improve performance in complex terrain
- State-of-the-art binary pulse coding with up to 16 chips per pulse to significantly increasing height coverage and signal quality
- Software-tuneable pulse shaping to reduce the occupied bandwidth and permit finer height resolution with shorter pulse widths
- Matched filtering with optimized true Gaussian shaping to improve signal quality
- Revolutionary Advanced Coherent Noise Suppression ACNS to cancel radio frequency interferences
- Vertical oversampling to allow sampling of height gates finer than the pulse width
- Free positioning of the height gates independent of the pulse width
- Unlimited multiple mode capability to simultaneously use any number of modes such as High Mode and Low Mode with differing pulse lengths, pulse coding and pulse shaping
- Auto configuration option to optimize height coverage with automatic mode generation and combination
- RASS extension optionally available for precise temperature measurements

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