November 8, 2016
New LAP3000 Wind Profiler at Hong Kong International Airport

In 1995, Hong Kong International Airport was one of the first airports to operate a LAP®3000 and to benefit from radar wind profiler data for air traffic safety. Now Hong Kong Observatory has completely upgraded one of its existing LAP®3000 systems with the latest technology including a larger antenna aperture, advanced digital data processing and extensive system monitoring. The profiler has an integrated radio-acoustic sounding system (RASS) for temperature measurements. Vertical profiles of wind and temperature are used to guarantee safe air traffic operations in all weather conditions.

Latest News
February 28, 2024
Airports Can Now Detect Microburst 5 min Earlier
With AWAIRE® Aviation and the LAP®3000 Radar Wind Profiler, Airports can now detect microbursts up to 5 min earlier than LLWAS, Lidar and TDWR.
December 16, 2022
Scintec introduces BLS Neo Scintillometers
The new BLS Neo Series Scintillometers combine low power consumption and long LED lifetime.
November 23, 2022
SLS Series Scintillometers now eye-safe
The SLS Series Scintillometers are now eye-safe like the traditionally eye-safe BLS Series Scintillometeres.