January 7, 2021
New Products in 2021

The year 2021 continues to pose a challenge to individuals all over the globe. Societies respond. Demands and markets are changing. People are coping with the pandemic but also strive for a brighter future thereafter.
In 2021, Scintec will introduce a range of new products that shall contribute to create a better and safer world.
After AWAIRE® Aviation, an intelligent solution for wind and wind shear management on airports, AWAIRE® Air Quality and AWAIRE® Water Management will follow in 2021. Clean air to breathe and pure water to drink are basic elements for the quality of life. Scintec AWAIRE® Intelligent Solutions will help to preserve these elements.
Other products to be launched in 2021 are:
Requests for all of the above products are already welcome.
Also scheduled for 2021 is Scintec's new web site, which will come with more details on products and applications, an enhanced customer area, a new branding and an outstanding user experience.
There is a lot that we can look forward to in 2021. 

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