January 23, 2012
Scintec aquired radar wind profiler business from Vaisala

In a move to extend its portfolio of products and services in atmospheric wind and temperature profiling, Scintec has acquired the radar wind profiler business from Vaisala. The transferred business includes the wind profiler products LAP®-3000, LAP®-8000, LAP®-12000, and LAP®-16000 as well as the RASS extensions for temperature profiling.

With about 200 installations worldwide sensing the boundary layer or the entire troposphere, this product line is the long time recognized market leader globally.

Scintec now offers LAP® Series Wind Profiler products and related services to customers worldwide. With this extension to its existing range of wind and temperature profilers, Scintec can respond to all profiling needs offering the widest range of proven technologies and solutions.

Scintec is a manufacturer of advanced meteorological remote sensing instruments for wind, temperature and turbulence with offices in Rottenburg/Tübingen, Germany, and Louisville/Boulder, Colorado.

For more information please contact:

Volker Thiermann, CEO ( volker.thiermann@scintec.com )
Phone +49-7472-986430

Scintec AG
Wilhelm-Maybach-Str. 14
72108 Rottenburg

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