February 6, 2020
Scintec introduces AWAIRE

The wind conditions at and above an airport significantly affect the safety and efficiency of departure and landing operations. With continuous and accurate knowledge and understanding of the current wind field and turbulence characteristics, airplane movements on the ground and in the air can be optimized to significantly reduce the number of delays, enhance the total throughput capacity, increase the safety and improve the comfort of passengers.

AWAIRE® Aviation is a new hardware, software and service package which is designed to provide the most complete, accurate and reliable information about surface and upper winds and to bring this to airport controllers, managers, meteorologists and pilots.

AWAIRE® Aviation uses a variety of the most advanced sensing technologies to continuously measure all relevant wind and turbulence parameters in the area of the departure and climb paths with high distance resolution, precisely and in near real-time. This includes wind speed and direction relative to the airplane as well as both, the turbulent and non-turbulent types of wind shear. The selection of adequate and complementary sounding technologies results in an operability at any weather condition, including low clouds and precipitation.

AWAIRE® Aviation, however, is much more than just measurement and display. It generates a database which can be used for better analytics and prognostics of the meteorological parameters at exactly the airport location. Unlike with conventional systems, multi-dimensional algorithms and the trained artificial intelligence finally combine the output data of the various sensors and evaluate them synergistically. This significantly increases the content and reliability of the generated decision supporting information and the configurable alerts.

Finally, AWAIRE® Aviation comprehensively displays all information in an intuitively and easily understandable visualization with configurable tools for decision making during approach and departure procedures. Past occurrences can be tracked. Airports with multiple runways are fully supported. The output additionally interfaces with external software products.

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